Security is paramount, and our most important product. Since 2013, our engineers have developed a variety of applications in the cryptocurrency space, that are all still operating hack-free. You can rest easy knowing we will always go above and beyond to protect your information and funds.


Nessie is a custom-built HTML5 application which uses the latest responsive technologies and frameworks to ensure the platform is optimized for mobile use out of the gate.

Multiple Coins

Nessie will host some of the hottest coins on the market, but trust that we will never turn a blind eye to up-and-coming coins and tokens. We will actively seek to support Waves-based tokens like our very own Monster Byte token (MBI), but welcome interest from all coin and token project owners and developers.

75k+ Users

By virtue of being part of the Monster Byte network, all 75,000 MoneyPot users have instant access to Nessie! Additionally, our reach and trust in the cryptocurrency community is vast and ever-growing, we expect to organically reach 150,000 users by the end of 2018.

Powered By

Created in 2016 and acquired by Monster Byte in 2018, MoneyPot is a secure, versatile and powerful web wallet that supports a variety of cryptocurrencies. In addition, MoneyPot functions as a gateway to several popular casino applications which are all powered by a set of secure and hardened APIs, and the MoneyPot global bankrolls.

Gaming Utility

When coins or tokens list on Nessie.io, thier fans and community instantly get the added value of being able to leverage their coin or token in a variety of safe, fun, and secure, MoneyPot-enabled gaming sites.

...and plenty more


Strong Team

With over a dozen team members spread across engineering, marketing, and leadership verticals. Our team has vast experience in both large Fortune 50 companies as well as various proven crypto-based startups.

Proven Products

Since 2013, the Monster Byte team has built and deployed over 20 different scalable B2C and B2B products. Our software supports all devices and multiple languages, allowing us to offer a seamless user experience worldwide.

Superior Technology

We have the advantage of building our proprietary software in-house by our team of talented engineers. This has allowed us to scale our products using some of the best technologies available and allowed us to adapt and build new features quickly as change occurs.

Eager Users

Our biggest advantage is that we are extremely experienced in the online crypto-gaming niche. We already have the trust of over 75,000 users that have leveraged some of our products through the years. Our network of reach is large, and will certainly bring attention, value, and utility to your coin or token.