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Trade the hottest cryptocurrencies with the lowest fees around, only 0.1% on all executed trades. Nessie supports all the top coins, Waves Tokens, ERC20 Tokens, native coins and more!

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Safe and Secure

Nessie is committed to the security of its platform and its users. Security is paramount, and our most important product. We take pride in having precise, conservative, security measures, and will never compromise security for convenience.

Nessie is Monster Byte Product

Established in 2016, and acquired by Monster Byte in 2018, MoneyPot is a leading cryptocurrency web wallet that lets you safely and securely manage your cryptocurrency across many MoneyPot apps, and services.

Low, and Simple, Fees

Nessie offers the simplest and cheapest fees on trades around! Just 0.1% for market makers and 0.1% market takers. In addition, discounts for large volume customers will be rolled out in Q4 of 2018.